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Liquid Detergent Making Machine Colour Legend

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2017 Newest Liquid Detergent Machine

  • Item:Liquid Detergent Machine
    Brand:Colour Legend
    Usage:Suitable for producing shampoo、liquid soap、 bath shower gel、dishwashing、hand wash
    After-sales:One Year Warranty
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2017 Newest Liquid Detergent Machine

JS-198X liquid mixed tank
JS-198X liquid mixed tank is our latest dedicated equipment for liquid washing products,It is a combination based on the actual demand of domestic washing& chemical industry and market,absorbing the essence of domestic and foreign detergent formula, mainly suitable for the production of cleanser essence, shampoo, shower gel, liquid soap,laundry detergent、 windshield washer fluid, antifreeze etc liquid cleaning products
1, small occupied area, save the field operation space.
2, mechanical and electrical integration,
simple and flexible operation, high efficiency.
3, move steadily ,lessen vibration, low noise.
4,stainless steel304 material, corrosion resistance,
 high temperature resistance.
5, small size, high yield, to ensure product quality.
6, multipurpose machine, saving investment costs.
7, energy efficiency and environmental protection,
saving 40% power than similar models
8, observation hole with the lowest & highest liquid level,
to observe the machine production at any time,
to prevent excessive liquid from overflowing
9, water flow-meter,water-flow display instrument,
accurate, convenient, less manpower
10, liquid level display, transparent liquid-level display tube 
at the right side, see liquid level at a glance.
11,automatic water-feeding,heating,intelligent timing,
saving time,saving manpower,easy to use.
12, Integrating blending, emulsifying etc functions,
Stability product performance, long shelf life, not easy stratification.

Scope of work: liquid products
Working voltage: 220V
Full load power: 4KW (total power, full load)
Temperature limit: 40 ℃ (set different temperature according to different product requirements )
specifications: 1.8 meters high, 70CM in diameter.
Production: 300kg / 40 minutes
Emulsification program: JS20151215
Main Feature
The equipment has the pipeline emulsifying
& the bi-directional reverse circulation device, and installed the heating device,
there is observation hole to observe the raw material reaction process,
Integrating Automatic water-feeding,heating,intelligent timing,
blending, emulsifying,filtration etc functions;
stable product performance,long shelf life  

JS-300A Water Treatment Machine
Uses: water treatment for liquid products, make sure finished products are  more clear and translucent.
After PP cotton, two-stage activated carbon, polished resin processing, digital display & real-time monitoring water quality, processed water quality meet high purity water standard. The equipment:fast water speed, low power consumption, high water quality, high precision for water production. Microcomputer control program, the program has a memory function, automatic cleaning, autorun, easy to operate, easy to understand.
Function: Connect tap water or other water source, through the equipment processed automatically, produce high purity water rapidly. Automatically flush when Power-on , discharging the internal deposition of impurities , eliminating the cumbersome process by manpower.

Technical parameter:
1, the range of application: a variety of liquid products.
2,water yield: 400L.
3, input power: 220v
4,device power: 800W

JS-YM600 Inker
The machine has small size,light weight,
Easy to install and operation,high printing efficiency& precision,
adjustable coder height. Applicable to print date on surface or packing for beverages,canned food, cosmetics, food, electrical appliances, all kinds of small goods ,Printing well on any  uneven surface of  metal, plastic、 glass 、enamel, film, nylon ect other products
Technical parameter:
Working speed: ≤3600times / hour
Printing area: ≤15 × 50mm2
Printing height: ≤280mm
Machine weight: 16kg
Dimensions: 350 × 300 × 410mm
Auxiliary plate size: 80 * 160mm
(a set of ink and thinner are free)

JS-YG Liquid Filling Machine
Filling machine is suitable for pharmaceuticals, daily chemical, food, pesticide and specialized industries, it is the ideal filling equipment for high viscosity fluid and pasty fluid. Reasonable design, small size, easy to operate, there are regulating handle of filling range , filling speed can be adjusted, high filling precision.
Filling head adopts anti-leakage and lifting device
filling machine is divided into three types-single head、double-end and explosion-proof models. Double-end model is adjustable arbitrarily, be used alone.
Technical parameter:
Filling capacity: 500ml-2500ml
Power supply : 220V
Air pressure 0.4-0.6MPa
Filling speed 5-20 bottles / min (the power is pneumatic power, meet all remands for small 、medium 、large enterprise)
Filling accuracy ≤ ± 1%

 Ozone Generator
gas produced by Ozone generator have sterilization、disinfection ability
1, sterilization: can quickly and thoroughly get rid of the viruses and bacteria in the air and water, according to a laboratory study report ,it only takes 1-2mins to clear away them when ozone concentration is 0.05ppm .the bacteria mortality is up to more than 99%
2, deodorant: ozone as high active oxidant ,rapid and thorough decomposition all kinds of smell in the air or water
Technical parameter:
Ozone production: 20g / h
Rated power: 80w
Voltage frequency: AC 220V / 50HZ
Dimension: 230 * 180 * 420mm
weight: 5kg
Pneumatic power: air pump
Cooling method: air-cooled
Caping Machine
Applicable objects: This machine is used for tightening plastic cap ,such as:mineral water bottles, medicine bottles, daily chemical products, beverage bottles, etc ;  the appropriate capping head for special specifications caps can be customized , we will do our best to meet your need for all customers
Work efficiency: 2400 bottles / h
Pneumatic power: air pump
Working pressure: 0.4-0.6mpa
Freezing Point Tester
The instrument can measure freezing point of antifreeze,  electrolytic liquid proportion of lead-acid battery and freezing point of glass cleaner.
ATC Measurement range Scale division accuracy
freezing point of antifreeze -50℃~0℃ 1℃   ±0.5℃
electrolytic liquid proportion 1.10~1.40 0.01  ±0.01
freezing point of glass cleaner -40℃~0℃   1oC ±1℃
PH  tester



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