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Emulsifying Tank storage Tank

  • Item:Emulsifying Tank storage Tank
    Brand:Colour Legend
    Usage:Shampoo laundry detergent
    After-sales:one year warranty
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Emulsifying Tank storage Tank

JS-198X liquid mixed tank
JS-198X liquid mixed tank is our latest dedicated equipment for liquid washing products,It is a combination based on the actual demand of domestic washing& chemical industry and market,absorbing the essence of domestic and foreign detergent formula, mainly suitable for the production of cleanser essence, shampoo, shower gel, liquid soap,laundry detergent、 windshield washer fluid, antifreeze etc liquid cleaning products

1, small occupied area, save the field operation space.
2, mechanical and electrical integration,
simple and flexible operation, high efficiency.
3, move steadily ,lessen vibration, low noise.
4,stainless steel304 material, corrosion resistance,
 high temperature resistance.
5, small size, high yield, to ensure product quality.
6, multipurpose machine, saving investment costs.
7, energy efficiency and environmental protection,
saving 40% power than similar models
8, observation hole with the lowest & highest liquid level,
to observe the machine production at any time,
to prevent excessive liquid from overflowing

Scope of work: liquid products
Working voltage: 220V
Full load power: 4KW (total power, full load)
Temperature limit: 80 ℃
Production: 500kg / h
Emulsification program: WY20150509



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